Save time and money while reducing risk

A Gas-Free Solution
for Suction Stabilizers

Replace your gas-charged suction stabilizer cartridges with our new ECT retrofit kit. Get more life and better performance from your existing suction stabilizer system. Our retrofit is an instant upgrade with no need for redesign or removal of existing suction equipment.

Enhanced Cellular Technology

the benefits of replacing your gas-charged suction stabilizer with our ECT Retrofit

  • Reduce operating costs
  • No more nitrogen charging
  • Longer operating life
  • Safer operations
  • All-in-one easy install retrofit kit
  • Preassembled – drop in place
  • Requires no vessel/piping modifications or special tools
  • Lifting eye for easy removal and installation
  • Retrofits in CoorsTek®  products
  • Ready to use upon installation
  • No overcharging
  • No premature failure
  • No effect on pressure drop
  • Operates at suction pressures to full vacuum

All ECT System is available in complete units or retrofit kit

Available ECT Retrofit Kits

Status Flow®

SFVM Series
SFT Series

SFV Series

SFM Series

SFG Series

SFU Series

SFUM Series

Coors Tek®

GM, MGM, SGM Series

T, ST Series

G, SG Series

M, MM, SM Series

C, XC Series

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Eliminates Gas Charging!

  • ECT or Enhanced Cellular Technology was specifically developed by Performance Pulsation Control for fluid pulsation applications.


  • Each of our ECT tubes contains millions of closed-wall nitrogen-filled microcells within the tube material.


  • Each microcell is compressible and together they form a heavy membrane that collectively and rapidly responds against pressure variations acting against the tube wall.


  • A thick outer skin helps resist abrasive wear, chemical attack, and swelling.


  • Each tube is centrally positioned within the stabilizer to maximize fluid interaction across the full surface area of the tube.


*Patent pending


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