Dampener refurbishment

Our Refurbishment Program brings tired drilling dampeners back to life. Reduce cost, reduce downtime, and get more life out of your dampening assets. PPC offers factory refurbishments for a broad range of gas-charged and reactive maintenance-free units. 

See us about refurbing the following designs:

PPC will evaluate each returned unit carefully and provide a recommended refurbishment scope before any work begins.  Just send us your vessel and the original design specifications and we’ll do the rest to either restore your unit to as new performance, or recommend a broader scope of work for those units that may be beyond a basic refurbishment. If you should need repair, PPC can handle that as well.  We’re a fully certified pressure vessel repair shop.  With all the right design information from you, we can typically get your vessel back up and operating quickly.

information need for Refurbishment

When seeking a refurb, we recommend that you please collect and send us the following:


  • Serial numbers for each manufacturer involved with the vessel
  • Any operating instructions and parts information you may have
  • Design Information
    • Pressure rating
    • Temperature rating – including minimum temp
    • Corrosion allowance (if any)
    • Nameplate and Tag pictures
    • Lifting calculations (if any)
    • Bolting certification (if any)
  • Material and QC
    • MTR’s
    • NDE reports
    • PWHT information (if applicable)

Depending on each dampener’s history, it may have been exposed to corrosive fluids such as salt or brackish water.  As such, wall material thickness may be reduced.  This reduction affects the pressure rating.  PPC currently checks wall thickness on each unit but cannot effectively use that information unless PPC has the original design data from the OEM.  Ideally, the original U1A report from an ASME code stamped vessel is the best data.  If this information is not available, then PPC might suggest replacement of certain dampeners that are suspect.  Our inspection receiving criteria will try to identify those suspect units as we continue to develop the dampener refurbishment program.


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