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Performance Pulsation Control is a Texas-based corporation founded in late 1996 as a sole proprietorship, then incorporated in early 1998. Performance Pulsation Control specializes in the design and manufacture of maintenance free and gas charged pulsation control equipment.  Additionally, we provide field diagnostic and API and acoustical analysis services. Our years of experience results in the highest level of quality products and services.


With the acquisition of Status Flow, Inc. in August, 2007, Performance Pulsation Control became one of the few companies to manufacture both Gas Charged and Maintenance Free units. Today Status Flow operates out of Odessa, TX, as a division of Performance Pulsation Control and ensures that any application or project requirement can be met by our range of products.


Performance Pulsation Control operates more than 100,000 square feet of combined manufacturing facilities between its Dallas and Odessa locations. We offer extensive experience in welding and fabrication as well as rubber, gas-charged cartridge design and manufacturing.


Performance Pulsation Control is an ASME Code Shop and holder of the U, U2, S, and H ASME Code stamps as well as a number of other certifications.  Performance Pulsation Control designs and builds pressure vessels to Section VIII, Division I and Division II to low, medium, high and ultra-high pressures. We also build to Section I and IV for Boilers. Performance Pulsation Control proudly produces Made in the USA products.

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