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We design and fabricate the finest pulsation control equipment for reciprocating pumps

Pulsation Control

Performance Pulsation Control™ specializes in the design and manufacture of maintenance free and gas charged pulsation control equipment. Our engineering team can provide field and acoustical analysis to guide you in achieving the highest performance from your reciprocating pumps. We are your solution, and we are committed to giving you solutions with performance!

Industries We Serve

From drilling and well service to industrial and fabrication services, Performance Pulsation Control is a one-stop shop for your pulsation control needs.






Our Expert Pulsation Services

Performance Pulsation Control™ is committed to providing our clients with expert services in all areas of pulsation control. Our team is equipped to provide expert advice, analysis, custom-tailoring solutions, and world-class engineering services. No matter your need, Performance Pulsation Control is here to be your guide in all things pulsation.


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