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With decades of experience in all areas of pulsation control, our team is equipped to provide expert advice, analysis, custom-tailoring solutions, and world-class engineering services. No matter your need, Performance Pulsation Control is here to be your guide in all things pulsation.

Field Analysis

PPC Engineering offers clients an advanced analysis of hydraulic pumping systems. By utilizing specialized, proprietary equipment we can identify and capture the most sensitive hydraulic pump pressure waves and frequencies. Our engineers will complete a full evaluation of the pressure data and provide a comprehensive report containing performance improvement recommendations.


With this service, you can be confident in a complete analysis from experts in reciprocating pumps. Save time and money while making fact-based decisions and optimizing the performance of your system with the expertise of PPC Engineering behind you!


PPC Engineering is a new analysis service group aimed at developing solutions to pulsation and acoustic challenges in your piping network.  From dampener sizing to complete pipe system modeling, PPC Engineering can work with you to provide the answers you need for the most efficient and effective piping designs.


Services include:

Dampener Refurbishment

Our Refurbishment Program brings tired drilling dampeners back to life.  Reduce cost, reduce downtime, and get more life out of your dampening assets. PPC offers factory refurbishments for a broad range of gas-charged and reactive maintenance-free units.


Have questions regarding a problem or condition with your pulsation control equipment? Click the button below to access your troubleshooting page with solutions to common problems. 

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