O&G Well Service

Pulsation Control for O&G WELL SERVICE

Our discharge dampeners and suction stabilizers provide optimal performance for pumps to increase pressure and flow rates, as well as increased fluid end life.

Cellular Stabilizers

0 %
Reduction is suction pressure variation

Discharge Dampeners

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Reduction in typical discharge pressure variation

Discharge Dampener Benefits

High pressure and flow rates of fluids and proppants can dramatically shorten fluid-end life and raise the cost of your fracking job. Help improve fluid-end life with a pulsation dampener:


  • Dampen high and low frequency pulsation energies known to reduce pump/fluid-end life
  • Improve safety and piping system protection
  • Decrease downtime and costs to boost completion rate and performance
  • Maintain optimal pressure and flow profiles

Suction Stabilizer Benefits

Well Service pressure and flow rates demand a well-fed pump. Apply our suction stabilizers to:


  • Provide efficient and consistent fluid supply to the pump over a broad range of pressures
  • Minimize the potential for cavitation and extend pump life
  • Isolate the pump from the suction line to virtually eliminate acceleration head-pressure loss
  • Promote acoustic isolation

Available Solutions

  • Gas charged and maintenance free cellular suction stabilizers
  • Compact, high-pressure gas charged discharge dampeners 0 up to 15000 psi
  • High temp, corrosion, and abrasion-resistant materials
  • Custom inlet and outlet configurations


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