A Safer, Gas-Free Alternative for Dampeners

The RFS™ Reactive Fluid System is a safer and more convenient alternative to traditional gas-charged diaphragms used in pulsation dampeners. Featuring our new patent-pending technology.

The RFS™
Reactive Fluid System

The RFSTM System works seamlessly
with your existing dampeners

The RFS™ Reactive Fluid System utilizes a diaphragm filled with PPC’s proprietary Reactive Fluid which is non-toxic, non-flammable, completely inert and safe! No form of gas charging is required. Once installed on a pump, the RFS™ does not require any regular maintenance and has been proven in continuous drilling operations to last longer than traditional gas-charged diaphragms. The RFS™ provides excellent pulsation control across all operating pressure ranges and outperforms all competitor maintenance free options on the market today.  


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