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Suction stabilizers from Performance Pulsation ControlTM

Suction Stabilizers

Whether you’re pumping oil, water, or another liquid, it’s important to steer clear of pulsation problems, which often start on the suction side. Whatever your system is pumping, you can protect it with a custom-designed suction stabilizer 


Protect your system from premature equipment failure with Performance Pulsation Control’s customized discharge dampeners. Click the button below to learn more about our PD, DR, and Status Flow® Series dampeners
PD, DR, and Status Flow® Series

ECT tubes with millions of closed-wall nitrogen-filled microcells

Enhanced Cellular Technology

Replace your gas-charged suction stabilizer cartridges with our new ECT retrofit kit. Get more life and better performance from your existing suction stabilizer system. Our retrofit is an instant upgrade with no need for redesign or removal of existing suction equipment.

Status Flow® Products

PPC’s Status Flow Product Line includes both gas charged and maintenance free cartridge style pulsation control. We achieve the highest level of excellence using strict quality controls and inspecting each and every cartridge that is hand manufactured and completely tested before it leaves our facility.

Status Flow® Products, Suction Stabilizers, Discharge Dampeners, etc

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